With the right mindset, energy & attitude teens can achieve their dreams


Dare to Be are workshops, camps & school programs that help build confidence, develop resilience and improve self-esteem in our teens & pre-teens.


Beck, Mel & Kristy live on the southern Gold Coast and are raising pre-teens of their own. With the help of child psychologists & educational professionals they have come up with workshops, camps & school programs that will build confidence, self-awareness to see them go headstrong into the future!


"We think our teens can be anything they choose to be when they become adults, so we are challenging them... Dare 2 be..."

Menarche ~ first period

This Is Me

Friendship Fumbles

You Auto Know

Your Inner Selfie

Fearless You

Kicking Goals in 2021

Survivor Challenge

Uniquely You

Setting Boundaries

Beating the Bullies

...more coming soon!

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Coming Soon...


Camps for teen girls

Camps for teen boys

Mother daughter retreats

Father son adventure camps