Meet The Team

Beck is the mother of 2 pre-teen daughters who like to keep her on her toes. She has worked with youths since she was 16 herself, but acknowledges that nothing prepares you in life for having your own children. The highs and lows of a young persons life (even within minutes of itself) is extremely hard to navigate, but having a 'cheer squad in their corner' sets them up for a life time of accomplishments.

Since graduating University with a Bachelor of Education 20 years ago, Beck has taught in and out of the classroom. Many experiences came thereafter from teaching in a small country town to teaching in London. From a Senior Camp Counselor in the U.S. to the Coordinator of an Outside School Hours Care on the Gold Coast. But most recently it was running her own incursion business that had Beck thinking there was a lot to be learned out of the classroom.

As her girls are now approaching the teen years she would like to embrace the positive of everything they will experience rather than think of them as 'the dreaded teen years' as something to be feared. Beck could see the benefit of a wellness and life skills program within the area and with the help of like-minded professionals who are eager to see our next generation 'grow' Beck, Mel and Kristy came up with DARE 2 BE.

Kristy has been living on the Gold Coast for the past 9 years with her husband and 3 beautiful children, 1 boy and 2 girls. As her children are growing up and starting school she wondered where her next career move will take her, she also knew that marine insurance broker was not in her future! She knew deep down that she wanted to work with youths but wasn't sure in what capacity. Kristy considered going down the teacher aide 'path', which seemed like a great idea helping teachers in the classroom, until Beck came to her with an idea...Dare 2 Be.

Being a teenager in an all-girls school in Sydney and being picked on and bullied for most of her school life she knew first hand the trials and tribulations of a tumultuous teen life. If she can help at least one teen or pre-teen get through such a challenging time in their life then she's happy.

So with this, Kristy embarked on a mentoring course with Shine from Within and is excited to see where her youth mentoring will take her.